Honey levy to BEEf up surveillance

Beekeepers are being urged to vote on a proposed increase to the honey levy to fund the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program, an early warning system designed to help keep Australia free of pest bees and bee pests.

Beekeepers who produce over 600 kilograms of honey per year pay the levy, which currently funds research, biosecurity activities and testing.

The National Bee Pest Surveillance Program has made significant advances in recent years, increasing the number of sentinel hives to over 120 at high risk ports around Australia. These are the front line for detection of the Varroa mite and other pests.

All beekeepers registered with 11 hives or more are eligible to vote on the proposed changes and they’re being urged to take part in the consultation process and understand the proposed changes to the honey levy.

For details on the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program, visit nbpsp.planthealthaustralia.com.au