This page contains a tailored search engine that provides a range of information relating to honey bee pests and diseases, their management, and information for growers of crops that rely on pollinators. Although the BeeAware website contains extensive information on these topics, this search engine will allow you to learn from the experience of universities, researchers and government departments elsewhere in the world. The search is limited to 10-20 worldwide websites that are authoritative sources of information.

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Bee Base, The Food and Environment Research Agency, UKBEE DOC, Bees in Europe and the Decline of Honeybee Colonies
Bee Informed, Bee Informed Partnership, USABee Health, eXtension, USA
Scientific Beekeeping, USACOLOSS, Honey Bee Research Association, Switzerland
CAPA Bees, Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists, CanadaCANOPLIN, Canadian Pollinator Initiative, University of Guelph, Canada
EDIS, University of Florida and Florida Department of Agriculture, USA EDIS - Electronic Data Information Source International Bee Research Association, UK
Project Apis m, USAManaged Pollinator Coordinated Agricultural Project, USA
Swiss Bee Research Centre, Agroscope, SwitzerlandThe Almond Doctor, University of California, USA
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Australia