New guide to assist beekeepers harvest and extract honey

Bill Winner, Capilano Beekeeper Services Manager and Doug Somerville, DPI Technical Specialist Honey Bees, co-authors of the new Honey Harvesting and Extracting guide

Beekeepers can get practical information on harvesting and extracting honey with a new publication, produced by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Tocal College, launched at the NSW Apiarists’ Association Conference.

DPI Technical Specialist Honey Bees and co-author Dr Doug Somerville said the guide, Honey Harvesting and Extracting, informs beekeepers of the best management practices to harvest and extract honey to ensure they get the highest quality product.

“This practical guide will assist beekeepers whether they are small-scale recreational or commercial operators,” Dr Somerville said.

“Important information on the best way to handle honey, including food quality, food safety and compliance with legislation are covered in the guide.

“Beekeepers are advised of the best way to remove honey from the hive so that it retains its natural goodness and the highest quality product is produced.

“With care, honey can be removed with minimal or no contamination.”

Dr Somerville said the guide outlines the best practice for transporting honey from the hive to the extracting facility, and includes the key principles for the design, construction and cleanliness of the premises.

“There is also a section on mobile extracting plants, as many of the requirements for central extracting plants also apply to mobile plants,” Dr Somerville said.

“Beekeepers are reminded that all food products and ingredients should be stored under adequate facilities and conditions to ensure product safety and to minimise the potential for contamination or microbial growth.

“The guide underpins the Australian Beekeeping Industry Quality Assurance Program and assists beekeepers to ensure they are able to control and maintain honey quality in a safe and hygienic way.”

Tocal College offers a range of short courses in beekeeping skills.

The Honey Harvesting and Extracting AgGuide is available from Tocal College or as an ebook through iTunes and Google Play.

Reproduced from a media release by NSW Department of Primary Industries