Teagan Alexander

Bee Biosecurity Officer

Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA)

Prior to starting work with PIRSA, Teagan worked on Katherine Research Station in the Northern Territory, focusing on crop and horticulture research. The main plant industries of the Northern Territory are hay, mangoes and melons. With the melons being worth nine per cent of the Northern Territory’s agricultural production, bees play an important part in keeping the horticultural sector alive and well.

Although her background has predominantly been in the northern cattle industry, Teagan has spent some time working in hay production and on a fruit and vegetable farm growing cucurbits. Teagan has been South Australia’s Bee Biosecurity Officer since 2017.

Teagan has a Certificate III in Horticulture from Charles Darwin University.


T: 08 8429 2170
M: 0439 864 382
[email protected]