• One bee

    Updated bee biosecurity course free for all Australian beekeepers

    16/07/2020 – 9:42 am If you’re an Australian hobby beekeeper with less than 50 hives, you can now access the Biosecurity for Beekeepers online training course for free. Previously, the course was only free for commercial beekeepers who had 50 or more hives with hobby beekeepers having to pay a small fee. Making the course freely available to all […] Read more
  • Opening a hive

    Don’t just be a bee owner: be a bee keeper

    14/06/2016 – 1:00 pm Alan Wade was the first President of the Beekeeper’s Association of the ACT. He helped establish the club about 40 years ago, but the number of members has grown enormously in the last few years, because it’s become fashionable to keep bees. Alan says that honey bee biosecurity is all about bee condition. “You need […] Read more