Compliance with the Code

Additional information beekeepers with 50 or more hives must provide

For beekeepers with more than 50 hives

Beekeepers with 50 or more hives are required to provide some extra information to ensure they are complying with the Code of Practice. However, this information will not be difficult to produce or provide.

Beekeepers in this category will need to provide a declaration that the operation and management of their bees is in compliance with the Code. This declaration will include stating that requirements for hive inspections, pest and disease management, record keeping, AFB testing and training have been met. The Code includes a Certification of Compliance form which, when completed, can function as the declaration.

11.1 This section applies only to beekeepers who manage 50 or more hives.
11.2 In addition to any other information required by the relevant state or territory authority, all applications for renewal of registration as a beekeeper must be accompanied by an accurate declaration, in the prescribed format, certifying:

(a) The beekeeper’s status in respect to demonstration of knowledge of pest and disease management detailed in Section 9 of the Code.
(b) The date, testing laboratory and result of the most recent independent laboratory honey test for American foulbrood.
(c) That the beekeeper management and operation is fully compliant with the Code.

11.3 In any year where the beekeeper is not required to re-register (because their registration extends for more than one calendar year) the information prescribed in 11.2 (a), 11.2 (b) and 11.2 (c) must be provided to the relevant state or territory authority on the anniversary date of the beekeeper’s registration.

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Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice

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