Reporting diseases

Beekeepers must report notifiable diseases

For all beekeepers

This is already a legislated requirement in all states and territories and is included in the Code of Practice as reinforcement.

Data on how prevalent diseases are in particular areas is extremely useful in both managing these diseases in areas where they are present and in stopping them from spreading. This data is also required to support trade between states and internationally.

Each state and territory has differing requirements in this section of the Code of Practice.

2.1 A beekeeper must report the detection or suspicion of any notifiable disease to their relevant state or territory authority by the quickest practicable means. Verbal reports should be followed up in writing (for example, by e-mail, text message (SMS), fax or letter).
2.2 A beekeeper must have knowledge of the pests and diseases that are notifiable diseases in the state or territory where their hives are located.

Notifiable pests and diseases

The following pests and diseases are notifiable in all states and territories:

American foulbrood (Paenibacillus larvae)
Tracheal mite (Acarapis woodi)
Tropilaelaps mites (Tropilaelaps clareae and Tropilaelaps mercedesae)
Varroa mites (Varroa destructor and V. jacobsoni)

For details go to: State and territory notifiable animal diseases lists  (Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)

All exotic pests should be reported to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881.

Notifiable pests and diseases listed by state or territory

Please note that the lists of notifiable diseases are subject to change and beekeepers are advised to check their state or territory website for details if required.

Australian Capital Territory

For details refer to: Notifiable diseases (ACT government)

New South Wales

For details refer to: Bees – notifiable pests (NSW Department of Primary Industries)

Northern Territory

For details refer to: Honey bees and beekeeping (Northern Territory Government)


For details refer to: Notifiable diseases (Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)

South Australia

For details refer to: Bees (Primary Industries and Regions SA)


For details refer to: Notifiable animal diseases (Biosecurity Tasmania)


For details refer to: Notifiable diseases (Agriculture Victoria)

Western Australia

For details refer to: Bees (Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA)

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Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice

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